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APR promotes accessible residential property for sale and rent, and any property advertised on this website must be accessible to disabled people, including wheelchair users. All adverts include a comprehensive checklist of access features and adaptations.

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We help builders, property developers and housing associations be fully compliant to Section 106 Planning obligations .

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Latest Accessible Properties

Kitchen Flats

King Edward VI Old School, Burton Drive, Retford, Nottinghamshire

For more details on this apartment please contact Vaughan Hu


Beds 1 | Baths 1


5 bedroom semi-detached property adapted for a wheelchair user

The property boasts two reception rooms, contemporary kitche


Beds 5 | Baths 3


Superb five bedroom detached property architect designed for wheelchair use

The property, with professional architectural design, has be


Beds 5 | Baths 3


Adapted for wheel chair access with wider landing, wheelchair lift and bathroom/wet room

Extended four-bedroom house adapted for wheelchair use. F


Beds 4 | Baths 1


5 bedroom wheelchair accessible dormer bungalow

Attractive wheelchair accessible dormer bungalow with ground


Beds 5 | Baths 3


Attractive 5 bedroom property with self-contained, wheelchair accessible annexe

This well-designed modern property, is in a secluded village


Beds 5 | Baths 2

Why Choose Us

Positive about Barrier Free Homes

Accessible property register helps individuals connect with adapted wheelchair friendly properties offered for sale or to rent. Whether it be a holiday home with What is an accessible property? Accessible property’ means a home where the design and layout is free of barriers that might limit its suitability for some potential buyers. For example, a property with steps to the front entrance is unlikely to appeal to a wheelchair user.

For disabled and older people, good access can be a real selling point, and increasingly important to remember as the proportion of older people in the population continues to rise. And it’s not just disabled and older people – how many young mums really want to drag a toddler in a buggy up a flight of steps just to get to the front door?

Many new homes are designed with access as part of the design providing features such as

  • Level access shower or wet rooms
  • Adapted kitchen with lowered working services
  • Easy access to upper floors withstairlifts or through-the-ceiling lift
  • Fixed or tracking ceiling hoists
  • Level or ramped access to the garden
  • Wider-than-standard doorways

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Promoting accessible homes for some of the largest property developers across the UK.