5 Marketing Must-Dos for Your Accessibility Business

5 Marketing Must-Dos for Your Accessibility Business

Whether you’re renting out an adapted property, promoting motorized wheelchairs or selling ramps and rails, marketing an accessibility business can feel trickier than turning base metal into gold.

So since connecting with customers effectively is the alchemy required, it’s time for some research.

With that in mind, here are five marketing must-dos for your accessibility business.

  1. Google My Business

When you’re first developing a digital presence, be sure to grab the low-hanging fruit — and by grabbing a Google My Business listing you’re making a great first move.

Your profile includes a photo, contact details, business details, opening hours and customer ratings, it’ll pop up on the Google network when customers are searching and best of all, it’s completely free of charge.

  1. Chambers of Commerce

If you’re launching in a new business neighbourhood or expanding your business regionally or nationally, joining the local chamber of commerce can be worthwhile.

You’re connecting to a ready-made enterprise network packed with potential customers and collaborators, there are usually plenty of opportunities to meet in person and you can frequently promote yourself via their website, newsletter and printed publications.

  1. NHS marketing

If you’ve never been involved in healthcare procurement, you may not even have heard of niche NHS marketer Fendix media.

But they’re the go-to guys and gals if you want to advertise your brand to a massive network of influential NHS staff via their intranet, hosted content or sponsored email. And you can segment your audience by criteria like seniority and region — ideal for spreading the word on your location-based services.

  1. Charity partnerships

Connecting with relevant charities is the right thing to do — and it also makes commercial sense.

So whether you want to sponsor a local inclusive sports team or join forces to fundraise for a national campaign like Children’s Hospice Week or Scope UK, donating come time, products or services is superb for enhancing your reputation as well as making a genuine difference.

As you can see, long-lasting charity partnerships are a gift that keeps giving.

  1. Digital marketing

When you want to go beyond Google My Business for online reach, engagement, you’ll need an SEO-optimised website, savvy social media strategy and content that’s fresh, interesting and regularly published.

So unless you’ve got these skills in-house, working with a digital agency like Attercopia is probably the best way to get set up swiftly and hit the ground running.

These type of specialists can assist with everything from web hosting advice to writing brilliant blogs — working with you to ensure that your online and offline marketing campaigns are aligned awesomely.

Follow these five marketing must-dos and your accessibility business will soon be the talk of the town and the name on every customer’s lips.

So ends our list. But please share your own niche marketing tips in the comments section.