How to Make Your Games Room Accessible to All Visitors

    For many new homeowners the thought of making their property accessible for wheelchair users and people with disabilities is now at the forefront of their mind. Whether it is ensuring that all visitors to your home feel comfortable relaxing and socialising with others, it is also important that they can explore the different rooms throughout […]

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    5 Marketing Must-Dos for Your Accessibility Business

    Whether you’re renting out an adapted property, promoting motorized wheelchairs or selling ramps and rails, marketing an accessibility business can feel trickier than turning base metal into gold. So since connecting with customers effectively is the alchemy required, it’s time for some research. With that in mind, here are five marketing must-dos for your accessibility […]

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    Should You Modify or Sell Your Home?

    Living with a disability, whether caused by age, an accident, or a lifestyle factor, can make life more challenging.  One of the areas where many people tend to struggle is in their homes. As most homes today are not designed with handicap accessibility in mind, many people end up having to make a choice between […]

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